All bank transfers are processed within 1-3 hours of a request. 14.5.If the equity of the Copier’s account becomes less than the bonus size, the Bonus is cancelled. In this case, they will receive the IB commission with a coefficient of 0.5 and the commission for copying in full. Amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to the Copier or Master Trader. Such amendments take effect the moment they are published on the Service site in these Terms and Conditions.

Start copying and earning with pro traders

The Bonus amounts 50% of the funds invested at the beginning of copying the Master. The Master determines the commission amount for copying orders. Commission charges accumulated within one week are paid out to the Master’s Wallet on Sundays. The Copier’s order is executed following the order (Buy or Sell) made in the Master’s account.

Setting up an LimeFxFX Account

The ECN broker offers competitive trading conditions on its 80+ financial instruments, with tight spreads from 0.2 pips, fast execution speeds of 0.1 second and flexible leverage. LimeFxFX also offers two industry-leading platforms in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, plus an in-house copy trading solution. After completing the profile and identity verification process, investors can proceed to deposit funds into their LimeFxFX copy trading account. LimeFxFX provides various convenient and secure payment options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and popular online payment systems. LimeFxFX is a forex, CFD and copy trading broker offering the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Your Master Area in the LimeFxFX Trading App for Android

  1. You will find a list of experienced traders available for copying.
  2. Monitor your copied trades regularly and consider diversifying your portfolio by copying multiple traders.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and follow the provided instructions to complete the transaction.
  4. In 2021, the TradeForexSA magazine, a prominent South African guide to Forex trading, named us the Best Forex Copy Trading Platform.

In addition to allocation adjustments, effective risk management is vital in LimeFxFX Copy Trading. Investors should define their risk tolerance and set appropriate risk parameters. Implementing stop-loss and take-profit levels for each copied trade helps limit potential losses and secure profits.

Overall score

LimeFxFX provides a range of successful traders to choose from for copy trading. Carefully evaluate the performance and trading strategies of different traders before making a selection. Look for traders with a consistent track record and low-risk profiles. Keep in mind that past performance is not indicative of future results.

When is the commission charged to my Copiers?

Once the service is activated, the trades will be copied to the Copier’s account regardless of whether the owner of the account is signed in or not. In order to engage in copy trading with LimeFxFX, you must first open an account with them. Visit their official website and sign up for a trading account.

LimeFxFX Copytrading introduces new copying settings

Remember to carefully choose reliable traders, set risk management parameters, monitor your trades, stay informed, and regularly evaluate performance. With a disciplined approach, copy trading can become a valuable tool in your investment journey. LimeFxFX Copy Trading is built upon the concept of social trading, where investors can automatically replicate the trades of successful traders. Through the LimeFxFX Copy Trading platform, traders can showcase their performance, and investors can select and copy their trades in real-time.

Once you login to your personal area, you can set up your copy trading profile and deposit to your wallet. You can also sign in to your new account using the Android app. However, copied orders with a volume below 0.005 lots will be refused, while copied trades from 0.005 lots and above will be rounded to 0.01 lots. Stop loss/take profit orders will not be visible in the Copier Area, but if these orders are triggered on the Master’s account, the copied trades are also closed. Add support funds to protect the investment from unexpected market movements. These funds are used to support Copier’s trading strategy when the market fluctuates and do not influence the profit directly.

You can apply more filters by pressing the settings icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. You must sign up or log in when you launch the app for the first time.

Copy trading at LimeFxFX is offered through a proprietary platform and mobile app, as well as integration via the MetaTrader suites. Users can easily diversify portfolios by copying the most profitable traders. Track professionals and their performance live for smart investing, control your portfolio and view how your funds are invested and manage risks in real time. Copy trading can be an effective way to enhance your trading success by leveraging the skills and strategies of experienced traders. LimeFxFX provides a reliable platform for copy trading, allowing you to replicate the trades of top traders automatically. Regularly monitoring your copied trades is crucial for effective management.

LimeFxFX Copy Trading is a revolutionary platform that allows investors to automatically copy the trades of experienced traders in the financial markets. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the concept of LimeFxFX Copy Trading, its benefits, how it works, and the steps involved in setting up a copy trading account. We will also discuss risk management strategies, tips for successful copy trading, and the advantages and limitations of this innovative trading approach. Copy trading is a popular method for beginner and experienced traders alike to participate in the financial markets by automatically copying the trades of successful traders. LimeFxFX offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily engage in copy trading and manage your copy trading portfolio.

LimeFxFX will send a verification link to the email provided during registration for LimeFxFX copy trading. By clicking on the verification link, investors can confirm their email address and proceed with the account setup process, making their way into the world of LimeFxFX copy trading. The minimum investment amount differs with every Master Trader. You can set up copying in equal, double, or triple volume or you can specify the preferred copy proportion manually. It includes risk score, gain, profit and loss, number of copiers, commission, order history, and other information to help you make an informed decision. When you are ready to invest, tap Set Up Copying at the top of the screen.

Prior to copying a trader, it is essential to set risk management parameters. Determine the amount of funds you are willing to allocate for copying trades and establish stop-loss limits to control potential limefx review losses. By doing so, you ensure that your trading activity remains within your desired risk tolerance level. After carefully analyzing the available traders, make your selections based on your preferences.

Upon logging in, investors will be prompted to complete their profile, an important step in the process of LimeFxFX copy trading. This includes providing additional personal information, such as contact details and preferred communication methods. During the registration process, investors will be asked to provide their personal information, including their name, email address, and country of residence. It is important to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure a smooth account setup for LimeFxFX copy trading. Additionally, investors will need to create a unique username and password for their account, which should be kept confidential for security purposes.

The platform provides a transparent and user-friendly environment for investors to participate in the financial markets without requiring extensive knowledge or experience. Copy trading is a popular method used by investors to replicate the trades of successful traders in the financial markets. It allows individuals to benefit from the expertise and success of professional traders by automatically copying their trading strategies. Keeping up with financial news, market analysis, and educational resources related to copy trading can help investors make informed decisions and identify potential opportunities.

This involves submitting relevant identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, to verify their identity. LimeFxFX ensures a safe and compliant trading environment by implementing strict security measures for LimeFxFX copy trading. If you have experience trading with LimeFxFX please share your personal review of the broker and what you think are strong and weak points. Compare LimeFxFX with the top 3 similar brokers that accept traders from your location. If you encounter a withdrawal problem when using the LimeFxFX trading platform, you will receive a notification in an email explaining the issue.

Monitor your copied trades regularly and consider diversifying your portfolio by copying multiple traders. Additionally, keep yourself updated with market news and events that may impact your copied trades. Successful LimeFxFX Copy Trading requires ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Investors should regularly review the performance of their copied traders, ensuring that they remain consistent with their stated strategies and risk management approaches. Staying vigilant and proactive in monitoring the performance of copied traders is key to maximizing profits and minimizing losses. By following these steps, you can effectively manage your copied trades in LimeFxFX’s copy trading feature.

The Copier can choose to copy the Master’s orders in an equal (×1), double (×2), triple (×3), or any other proportion. Copying mode, as well as the investment required for start, is selected at the time of subscription to the Master. In 2021, the TradeForexSA magazine, a prominent South African guide to Forex trading, named us the Best Forex Copy Trading Platform.

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