However, quitting 2C-B gradually may be advisable if the drug has been used for a long duration. This is because long-term use can result in drug dependence, with a certain dose of the substance required for the body to function normally. Quitting suddenly may result in severe adverse effects, so consulting with a medical professional can help you or a loved one detox safely. Although there are no established guidelines for the treatment of 2C-B addiction, an evidence-based approach for the treatment of addictions, in general, may be necessary for detoxification. Both pink cocaine and traditional cocaine, classified as stimulant drugs, can cause stimulant effects.

Signs of 2C-B Addiction

Of the survey respondents that too more than 35 mg of 2C-B, nearly 28% of them had a hangover the following morning. Most of the responses we’ve received throughout our 2C-B survey had a positive sentiment. Many people taking part in our surveys and in the psychedelic community at large consider 2C-B to compare sober houses be their favorite psychedelic. Everybody has heard of MDMA (ecstasy) and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) — they’ve become staples in the world of mind-altering substances. With respect to the HRS, the highest scores were obtained for intensity, volition and affect subscales (see Figure ​Figure22).

Treatment Options

Psychological symptoms include hallucinations and increased arousal with symptoms varying according to the dose used. The injectable drug, initially only used as diabetes medication, is the first drug since Saxenda (2014) approved to treat chronic weight management in the 70% of American adults who are obese or overweight. Research continues to show the effectiveness of semaglutide injections for weight loss.

What Are the Potential Risks of Taking 2C-B?

Some other folks reported trouble sleeping afterwards and a slight headache or “fogginess” the next day, which many felt was dose-dependent. In fact, Leland Radovanovic, founder of Conscious Communications Collective, said that he feels an afterglow the day after a dose of 25 mg or below and a alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone wikipedia hangover after doses greater than 25 mg. “Hangover feels like being drained after a hard trip on LSD or psychedelic mushrooms,” elaborates Radovanovic. According to PiHKAL, 2C-B lasts between four and eight hours, and that’s pretty in line with what the 31 people who took my survey reported.

How does it make people behave?

In general, the substance is marketed as tablets and taken by the oral route. An average dose is considered to be 20 mg with 8–10 mg producing mild effects [4, 19]. The patterns of use are similar to other NPS including 2C-derivatives [16, 20, 21]. 2C-B, technically 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, is a phenethylamine, a class of organic compounds that includes various psychoactive substances like amphetamines, MDMA, and mescaline. The brainchild of chemist Alexander Shulgin, pink cocaine is a synthetic phenylethylamine that affects the central nervous system and serotonin receptors.

  1. Regarding the effects measured with the ARCI questionnaire, after 2C-B administration significant changes in all ARCI subscales were observed, expect for PCAG (sedation).
  2. From 3 to 4 h concentrations abruptly decreased returning slowly to baseline 16 h after administration.
  3. It’s often used as an alternative to MDMA at lower doses and an alternative to LSD in high doses.
  4. It is of interest that some other 2C-derivatives, such as 2C-B-FLY and 25B-NBOMe, have been recently introduced on the drug market and present strong hallucinogenic properties.
  5. Concentrations of 2C-B were found in saliva at 1.5 and 6 hours (6.8 ng/mL and 2.3 ng/mL, resp.) (data not shown).

However, results of 2C-B pharmacokinetics indicate that 2C-B can be detected in oral fluid at very low concentrations up to 16–24 h after self-administration. Unfortunately, the interpretation of 2C-B concentrations in oral fluid is extremely difficult without data from plasma (not performed in this study neither in any study involving humans). By contrast, collection of oral fluid is easy and non-invasive, and was the method selected to obtain pharmacokinetic data in this study.

A variety of N-substituted derivatives of 2C-B have been tested, including N-methyl-2CB, N,N-dimethyl-2CB, N-ethyl-2CB and N-benzyl-2CB. Most simple alkyl derivatives were considerably less potent than 2C-B, with N-ethyl-2CB for instance having a 40 times lower affinity for the 5-HT2A receptor. If you or someone you know is demonstrating signs of drug addiction, seek treatment immediately. When mixing 2C-B with other psychedelics like cannabis, a person might experience anxiety and increase the probability of a bad trip. Other effects include feeling extremely sociable, though it may be difficult to converse with another person. Some report feeling happy and in tune with their surroundings, experiencing introspective thoughts and increased empathy.

The stimulating and euphoric effects make people feel more social and engaged, it creates a strong sense of empathy and connectedness with other people, and it won’t inhibit your ability to sleep at the end of the night. 2C-B reached mainstream popularity sometime after 1985 when MDMA was officially banned. The effects of 2C-B have been described as a combination between LSD and MDMA — but this is a simplification.

The information contained on this website is not intended to be a substitute for, or to be relied upon as, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Visit the following websites to learn about The Recovery Village’s network of rehabilitation 3 ways to pass a urine drug test facilities. Each center is ready to help people learn how to cope with their addiction and uncover the root causes for their substance use disorder. Currently, semaglutide is only approved for weight loss under the brand name Wegovy. The typical dose for weight loss is 2.4 milligrams, administered weekly as subcutaneous (under the skin) self-injections.

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